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Literacy in Math

Week two of our virtual summer program focuses on literacy in math. Everyday, our students find creative ways to use math and measuring. Here are some activities you can do at home to teach math and measuring:

1.Ask your child to select one item they see in the room. Have them come up with three ways to express a measurement for that item. Let them get creative with their definition of measurement.

2. Find five household items, and put them in order from shortest to longest.

3. Find items around the house with numbers on it from 1-10.

4. "Encourage your young learner to record their estimates and findings in a special notebook. Have your child record the distances measured using various objects and track how much time chores take using a stopwatch. Simple drawings and labels that order objects from smallest to largest provide a chance to put all the language arts, math, and science skills together."(Source:

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