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Read 2 Succeed Program

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Summer Program Design

-Free 5-week literacy program: 20 hours per week, 120 minutes of reading instruction per day by experienced, certified teachers


-Offered at on-site locations

-Administered by The Fund for the School District of Philadelphia

-A pre-assessment and post-assessment are administered to program participants

-Each registered student receives a literacy kit that includes books, literacy activities and supplies, home-connection literacy strategies and information about community resources

-Connecting with families through workshops

Read 2 Succeed Logo.png

Why Is Reading During Summer Important?

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Read 2 Succeed Philadelphia

Prevents Summer Learning Loss

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Read 2 Succeed Philadelphia

Expands Vocabulary and Comprehension

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Read 2 Succeed Philadelphia

Fosters a Love for Learning and Imagination

Summer 2020 Results


212 Children Enrolled

Read 2 Succeed had 212 enrolled children.


Daily Attendance

Read 2 Succeed had a 90% daily attendance rate.


"Summer Slide" Total?

Read 2 Succeed's had 0 children who were enrolled in the program experienced "summer slide".

How To 
"Summer Slide"

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